The Top 5 Signs Of Discrimination In The Workplace

Workplace discrimination is a serious matter, and many employees suffer from its effects without even realizing that they are being discriminated against at work. Workplace discrimination is quite subtle at times and signs are not always obvious. Many employees might be unable to prove that they are being discriminated against at work due to the subtle nature of the situation.

You should be able to feel safe in your workplace and you should be able to complete your daily duties and tasks without any fear of discrimination or harassment. The United States has laws in place to protect all employees in the workplace. Anti-harassment laws are in place to prevent workplace discrimination against any employee based on his or her gender, color, race, nationality, origin, pregnancy, or age. This article provides information on the top 5 signs of discrimination in the workplace.

  1. Different Benefits Based On The Gender Of An Employee
    Whether you are a male or female, you should receive the same benefits when you are employed in a similar position. The employer should treat each employee the same regardless of their gender. For example, a female worker’s spouse should receive the same health insurance benefits as her male colleagues’ spouse. If your employer doesn’t offer the same health insurance benefits to your husband thinking he can get his own health insurance, you are facing discrimination based on your gender.
  2. Unequal Compensation
    This is common discrimination in many workplaces. If you and your female colleague have the same qualifications and same years of experience in the industry, both of you should be paid similar wages. If not, it constitutes a form of gender discrimination in the workplace.
  3. Age-Based Discrimination
    The United States doesn’t allow an employer to discriminate against an employee at work based on his or her age. If your workplace is hostile towards you because of your age or the supervisor is implementing new workplace policies that affect older employees, you are a victim of age-based workplace discrimination.
  4. Lack Of Diversity
    This form of workplace discrimination is more noticeable than others. If your workplace employs people of the same race, nationality, age, gender, or sexual orientation, it’s a sign of discrimination in the workplace.
  5. Pressure About Your Pregnancy
    If your superior begins to give you trouble about your pregnancy, it falls under pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. You are not obliged to inform your superiors that you are pregnant unless it specifically interferes with your ability to work.

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