Matthew Scott Fights Racial Discrimination In New Case

Claudell Cobbs, Jr. v. Midwest Air Technologies, Inc.,

(DALLAS, TX) – Today Scott Gilmore Thompson filed suit on behalf of former forklift driver Claudell Cobbs, Jr., against his former employer, Midwest Air Technologies. At the start of his shift on February 20, 2019, Mr. Cobbs went to his forklift and found a noose laying across it.  Mr. Cobbs reported the incident to co-workers who were unable to explain any purpose for the noose other than the obvious intended threat.  When Mr. Cobbs approached his supervisor and asked what the noose was for, his supervisor responded, “To hang yourself with?”

“I can’t believe this still goes on, but in the current political climate, the racists feel very emboldened”, said Mr. Cobbs’ attorney, Matt Scott.  “The company has cameras everywhere, so they could have easily determined who put the noose there. Instead, they have claimed alternatively (a) it wasn’t a noose and (b) Mr. Cobbs did it himself,” said Scott. Out of fear for his safety, Mr. Cobbs did not return to work for Midwest Air, Scott said. “A black man in the South knows that a noose is a threat, and when the company wouldn’t do anything about it, he just didn’t feel safe going back. And I don’t blame him one bit.” The case is styled Claudell Cobbs, Jr. v. Midwest Air Technologies, Inc., and is pending in Dallas County Court at Law No. 4, Judge Paula M. Rosales.

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