Scott Gilmore Thompson files suit against North Texas Food Bank

Today Scott Gilmore Thompson filed suit against the North Texas Food Bank on behalf of four former African American delivery drivers who were terminated after complaining about racial discrimination by their manager. Pamela Allen, Stevie Brown, Arnold Richard, and Jamin Stinson worked as drivers for North Texas Food Bank. After NTFB hired Mike Lawler, the African American and Hispanic drivers alleged they were targeted and harassed by Lawler. When Lawler allegedly referred to a group of African American drivers as “yard apes,” multiple African American drivers complained to management. NTFB held several meetings with the drivers but took no action against Lawler. “Instead, NTFB concocted theft allegations against Allen, Brown, Arnold, and Stinson, and fired them for allegedly stealing food from NTFB,” said Matt Scott, counsel for the drivers. According to Scott, NTFB was not able to identify a single item it claimed these drivers took except for flowers. “And in that one instance, Mr. Stinson admitted taking the flowers out of the trash after receiving approval to do so.” Scott added, “I’ve never seen a case where an employer fires employees for theft and yet cannot identify a single thing it claims was stolen. It’s the inability to identify a single item taken that makes this such a clear case of discrimination and retaliation” he added. The case is Pamela Allen et al. v. North Texas Food Bank, Cause No. CC-21-03797-E, pending in Dallas County Court at Law No. 5.

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