Matthew Scott Appointed Associate Municipal Judge for the City of Rockwall, Texas

January 18, 2019


(ROCKWALL, TX) – Effective January 1, 2019, Matthew R. Scott of Scott Gilmore Thompson will preside as the Associate Municipal Judge for the City of Rockwall, TX. The Rockwall Municipal Court is responsible for the adjudication of State and City ordinance violations which are classified as Class C Misdemeanors. The court conducts hearings and trials, collects fines, issues warrants, and reports convictions for offenses that occurred within the City of Rockwall.

Matthew Scott is a highly honored employment lawyer who formerly served as a member of the Rockwall City Council from June 2005 until May 2011 and as an Ex Officio Director of the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation. He is a long-time citizen of Rockwall, TX, and currently practices employment law in Dallas, TX. Scott said in a quote, “When I served on the city council, due to an emergency, I also served for three months as the acting municipal judge. It was some of the most enjoyable and rewarding times I have spent practicing law in the twenty-four years I have been a practicing attorney. I am grateful to the council for the appointment and the opportunity to serve Rockwall again.”

“As the Mayor Pro-Tem of the Rockwall City Council, I am pleased to have played a role in the appointment of Matt Scott as Associate Judge for the City of Rockwall Municipal Court. Judge Scott’s legal experience, familiarity with Rockwall, and passion for fairness while upholding the law made this an easy choice for the position.” –Kevin Fowler, Mayor Pro-Tem, Rockwall City Council.

The mission of the City of Rockwall Municipal Court is: “To provide a forum for justice to ensure that all citizens served by the City of Rockwall Municipal Court are treated fairly and equally while following the guidelines provided for due process of law. To properly administer this function, the Court must schedule offenders wishing to be heard by the Judge to appear before the Court, adjudicate the trial, collect the fines and fees from those found guilty, and issue warrants of arrest where the offender has not paid or appeared in the Court.”

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